Enhanced Multiplayer Gaming with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The latest edition of the ever popular game Call of Duty finally concluded the Modern Warfare trilogy. Modern Warfare 3 maintains the same level of exciting action, realistic characters and thrilling plots revolving around terrorism and military unrest.

COD: MW3 v older versions

Since the beginning of the Modern Warfare series in 2007, COD has more or less maintained its entertainment factor paired with realistic gaming. Although there aren’t many noteworthy differences from the last installment, MW3 definitely competes neck to neck against Battlefield 3, one of the most anticipated games of 2011.

The latest addition to the Modern Warfare series begins exactly where Modern Warfare 2 finished. Exuding a movie trilogy like feel, the previous installment stopped with a cliffhanger where Russia was at war against the US and Makarov still out of reach. This post apocalyptic war game delivers an excellent storyline and finishes up the trilogy in an impressive manner.


The gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 is almost identical to its predecessors where each player carries two weapons of choice in addition to grenades. Unlike other fps games, COD captures a realistic view of the action hero. Instead of taking dozens of bullets, the heroes of COD are injured fairly easily. If the player is hit a few times, it is imperative to hide until full recovery. MW3′s single player campaign lasts an average of six hours and takes you on an exciting journey from the United States, to Germany and Africa.

This short campaign promises excitement and loads of action as a majority of the game is spent on foot. Occasionally, you will get a chance to steer armed vehicles and drones into enemy ground and open fire. The linear gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 starts with a firefight where the enemy has higher chances of spawning than you. This level of the game could get a little frustrating as it is predictable yet never ending. You can also opt to play special missions alone or with a partner. Unlike the main campaign, these extremely short missions come with varying difficulty levels and time limits.

Single player v multiplayer

The single player mode of Modern Warfare 3 is predictable as it is very similar to the campaigns in previous versions of COD. The multiplayer experience however, is worth mentioning. With a plethora of additional customization options, Modern Warfare 3 allows players to create their own class with weapons and other capabilities. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 comes with over a dozens variations of cooperative games while its competitor Battlefield 3 is equipped with only six.