Mario Kart 7 Preview

With a long list of predecessors, the Mario Kart franchise has long been one of Nintendo’s most popular multiplayer focused games. Dating back to the Super Nintendo and Original Release days, the franchise has always been a staple because of its simple mix of racing and revered characters from the Nintendo universe. As 2011 winds down, Nintendo prepares to release its next installment in the series with Mario Kart 7. With a strong focus in online play, tracks and customization, expect Mario Kart 7 to be one of the premier Nintendo 3DS games of the year, as well as a popular holiday gift.

Within the actual game play of Mario Kart 7, it’s clear that the developers have given a supreme amount of focus to deepening the online portion of the game. Nintendo has seemingly put more effort than all previous occasions into the online availability of MK7.

One of the primary features of the online video game play for MK7 will be the community mode for users. Gamers will have the ability to dream up their own racing groups, as well as an availability to define the characteristics of each community. Among the characteristics that can be chosen within these communities are skill settings, items and racing rules. Individual communities can have about 10,000 members. Of course, races won’t be able to have that many participants at once, but the groups should be rather interesting.

Another one of the new online features will be the availability to race against players from around the world. The world feature will allow the opportunity to go up against gamers from around the world who have similar levels of skill. The online features will also include a friends option, as well as a local game mode. In this category, users can take part in standard game play against other players who are playing the same area.

There will be a great combination of classic tracks, as well as brand new track experiences for long time MK players. There will be 16 new tracks for this installment, as well as 16 classic designs. Some of the preview trailers have shown new tracks such as an underwater course.

The characters will also add in some new blood along with the mainstays of the Mario Kart franchise. The classic figures such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and others will be included, along with a list of almost 10 unlocked characters for use. Gamers will also be available to use the 3DS Mii creator device to play as a number of other popular characters or as themselves.

The itemization and power features have always been a popular mainstay of the MK franchise and Mario Kart 7 continues that tradition. There are all the classic items, as well as a couple new additions such as a Lucky 7, which allows drivers to choose from seven different items including shells and bananas.

Mario Kart 7 will certainly have a number of other great features such as new availability for cart customization and power ups as well. With heavy attention on the online play specs and a devoted group of longtime MK players, expect MK7 to be a strong release for Nintendo this winter. The company seems to finally be putting more attention in online play, which is encouraging for future games and franchises under the Nintendo umbrella.