Must Have Games for Xbox Kinect

The Kinect, Microsoft Xbox’s answer to the Playstation Wii, has had a great first year, since it was launched in the gaming market. You already know that to make your gaming console really enjoyable, you need a full complement of great games that are supported in the platform. Here are some of the games that should feature on your ‘must buy’ list for your Kinect gaming console.


Seriously, what can be more funny and entertaining than a skeleton cowboy puppet who his hell-bent on revenge? Nothing. Gunstringer is hands down the most crazy, fun and overall entertaining game for your Kinect console. The free DLC that accompanies the game, called The Wavy Tubeman Chronicles, is even crazier and gut-busting funny and insane. Gunstringer is a highly recommended game if you want unadulterated fun in a shooter game.

Kinect Sports

Wii already had its own line of Wii sports games, which were fun and great in their simplicity and user friendliness. Kinect has come up with its own line of sports games called Kinect Sports, which goes further in the realm of simplicity and accessibility. This is another game that you should positively invest in.


Another surprise hit from the Kinect line of games is the virtual game in raising animals called Kinectimals. This silly and cute game packs oodles of adorability and is going to be an instant hit amongst the children and girlfriends. Even male gamers won’t be able to escape its charms; although they might have to punch a few walls to regain their manliness!

Dance Central 2

Dance Central 2 builds on the USP of the original Dance Central game for the Kinect console; packing more songs, a sharper gameplay and with more overall polish. Dance Central 2 is a unique and great game that is sure to teach you some club worthy moves that are bound to turn heads at any dance-floor.

Child Of Eden

This game is interactive artwork at its core. Child of Eden involves the player in flying through gorgeous landscapes to the tunes of beautiful and captivating music, while you fight and destroy malignant viruses that are out to destroy all that beauty. It is one of the most visually appealing games out on the market and is also playable through normal controllers. Though, using Kinect is recommended for optimal gaming experience.

UFC Personal Trainer

This game is an excellent option for those who crave more focused workout. Although UFC Personal Trainer is not going to teach you fighting like an MMA fighter, it trains you like one. Its USP is that it will provide you with a safe and smart workout that will be tailored for your level of fitness. That reduces the likelihood of you hurting or straining yourself.

Brunswick Pro Bowling

Amongst all bowling games meant for Kinect, Brunswick Pro Bowling is going to bring you the best bowling action through your Kinect console. The recommendation for this game comes with a catch- the presentation and the menus on this game are atrocious to say the least. But as you move beyond the appalling menus, the bowling itself works unbelievably well. The price of this game has dropped due to the issues with the menus and at less than $20; it is a definite ‘must-buy’.