Review: Battlefield 3

Battlefield is a pioneer in its genre, known for its gigantic maps, surplus of vehicles and extensive destruction scenarios. The last battlefield game was released 6 years ago and fans had been eagerly awaiting the updated version. Battlefield 3 comes in two parts on separate discs, which makes it feel more like two games than one. The multiplayer delivers an exciting challenge to players while the single player campaign leaves most fans disappointed.


The multiplayer has six modes, which entail different strategies. Conquest and Conquest Large modes challenge the teams to control positions for as long as possible. Rush and Squad Rush modes focus on defending and destroying. Team death match and squad death match aims at killing as many opponents as possible. There are nine maps to play on, the layout of which gets altered according to the damage done. This makes the atmosphere and environment of the battlefield very changeable. Each player’s smaller contribution to the team is rewarded by bonus points. The multiplayer game has no prescribed story and offers freedom with a highly competitive environment.

Single Player Campaign

Battlefield 3’s single player campaign is unfortunately the segment of the game that can be overlooked. It is structured as flashbacks of battle memories that St. Blackburn narrates to his superiors. The game has a script with a planned beginning, middle and end. Even the final destruction is predetermined and happens without warning. There are only a limited number of buildings to blow up and few vehicles to destroy. The graphics are commendable but it comprises of 6 hours of gaming, which is far too serious, making the experience monotonous and heavy. However, the script is dramatic and provides a movie like military feel.

Frostbite 2 Engine

The frostbite 2 engine is the highlight of Battlefield 3. It makes the entire game more real and takes graphics in gaming to a next level like, when a building blows up, the dust and smoke makes it impossible for you to find your way around. Every weapon and machine looks realistic and is not artificially attractive.

Battlefield 3 is one of the best of its kind. The multiplayer game, which has brilliant graphics, is a pleasure for a gamer. All details including the lighting, wind blowing, debris, buildings going up in smoke are extremely realistic making it impossible for the player to pull away. It is not a game meant for everyone though – it requires coordinating, experience in shooting and knowhow with the vehicles. The single player campaign on the other hand is easier and a delight for shooters.