Infinite Space Review

December 11, 2022

Infinite Space Review

Infinite Space holds many of the classic characteristics of a Japanese RPG title, especially when you consider its character development and plot. However, it also has a lot of unique aspects that make it stand quite afar from other titles in this genre, and it offers a very refreshing experience if you're tired of playing fantasy games focused around slaying dragons and other magical creatures.


In Infinite Space, you take control of a spaceship, and you can tune both its visuals as well as performance in various ways – for example, you can choose from over a hundred different models for the ship, and an equally impressive number of crew members you're given the option of hiring.

The game follows a line of balance between space exploration and combat, with each of those elements being developed very extensively. While you're roaming around with your spaceship in space, you'll find the game's world to be very large and full of things to explore.

On the other hand, you'll also be presented with a very intuitive combat interface when you face your first adversary. Unlike most Japanese RPGs, combat is played out in real time in Infinite Space, using a system similar to the “action points” system found in some titles. You have a gauge which fills up over time, and it's your “resource” for attacking and performing actions during combat. How fast this gauge fills up depends entirely on how good your crew is, so upgrading them and hiring better crewmembers over time should be one of your priorities.

Graphics and System Requirements

The developers have made very good use of the Nintendo DS's screens, and the interface is smooth and easy to use. You'll learn the basics very quickly, though if you want to become a better player you'll have to spend some time mastering the more intricate aspects of the game's controls. The bottom screen is almost always filled with menus, and most of the action happens on the top one, where you're also presented with most of the important information about your ship.

The art style of the game is interesting and unique, despite it being a space game (which are notorious for looking all too similar quite often). Some of the battles are breathtaking, despite the fact that you're playing on a small screen – once you start fighting against some of the more advanced ships, you'll see what we mean.


As with any Japanese RPG title, you should expect a deep and intricate storyline behind Infinite Space. The story is presented in two parts, and we advise you to follow it closely in the beginning as you may end up feeling quite confused in the later parts of the game if you've missed out on some important details.


Japanese RPGs are not a genre everyone enjoys, but for those who do, Infinite Space offers a deep and interesting gameplay that is totally worth your time.