My Top 5 Games

September 10, 2022

My Top 5 Games

5. Dead Island

I think that this game will be a winner with many RPG fans who want to try something different instead of fighting dragons and surviving after an apocalypse. The graphics of this game are of a high standard and the storyline is very well written. The game is set on the fictional island of Banoi in a hotel called Palms Resort. You can choose between 4 characters: Xian Mei, Logan, Sam B and Purna. From reading reviews I would play as Logan as he is the leader of the group and renowned for his strength.

4. Madden 12

I am looking to play something different at the moment so I thought I might get Madden 12. It's a game about American football and you basically play against other teams. It's a bit like Fifa but with a different sport. They also have the Hall of Fame edition where you get some extra All Star characters. Overall I think the graphics look good and this is a very good game. I do think eventually that I would lose interest in this game and I will be trading it in for something better.

3. Gears of War 3

I think that this game will be one of the most played games coming out this year, as everyone with an Xbox loves Gears and I really enjoyed playing 1 & 2. This new one has amazing graphics and really cool new guns especially the gold retro lancer you get when you pre-order. But I highly recommend buying the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition, as you get lots of artwork and a Marcus Fenix statue which I would love to put up in my flat. I will definitely get this game and probably never sell it and play it all the time.

2. Modern Warfare 3

This game is going to be a big hit with all platforms because everyone loves Call of Duty (COD. Many people have said that Call of Duty is dying out but I disagree with that statement. I will never stop playing COD. Anyway I think the graphics for this game are excellent and look really realistic. The game will start where Modern Warfare 2 finished off. At the end of Modern Warfare 2, Russia was invading America and the two main characters Soap and Price, were running from the American government. I would recommend Modern Warfare 3 to anyone who has played the other Call of Duty games and thought they were really good and enjoyed them.

1. Skyrim

I think Skyrim will be one of best games coming out this year and will look really good and everyone will love it. It is not a direct sequel to Oblivion as many people believe. Skyrim is a new chapter in The Elder Scrolls game series and the beginning is similar to Oblivion as you start off in a prison cell. I have read some reviews and magazines that have stated that Skyrim will feature a skills tree with special extra skills and you will level up in a similar way to Fallout. Skyrim is the game I am most anticipating the release of this year as I am a big fan of the Elder Scrolls Series. I would recommend Skyrim to anyone who loves RPGs.