MySims Racing Review

September 8, 2022

MySims Racing Review

As The Sims kept growing in popularity as a franchise – and eventually reaching the first spot in the “most sales” category – it was expected that spin-offs would start emerging sooner or later. After all, The Sims itself was a spin-off of SimCity. However, considering the nature and style of the game, hardly anyone expected EA to pull off another Mario Kart and release a racing game in their franchise.


MySims Racing is actually quite similar to the aforementioned Mario Kart in its basic idea, being a highly arcade-oriented racer with a lot of emphasis on high-paced fun, and accordingly little emphasis on realism. You can choose from several car types, which can then be further customized, allowing you to fine-tune both their performance as well as their visuals. You can choose from a variety of accessories, such as new frames, brakes and acceleration modules, while for spicing up your car's looks you've got various types of paint, bumpers and headlights at your disposal.

It wouldn't be a true arcade racer if the tracks weren't filled up with random pickups for you to use against your enemies, of course – and MySims Racing's developers have ensured that you'll always have something interesting up your sleeve. There are some classic powerups, such as spilling liquids on the road to slow down your enemies (using honey in this specific case), or a force field which provides you with protection for some time. On the other hand, there are some more unique “tools” as well, like the “Bunny Luv”, which unleashes a shower of hearts on an enemy's windshield, “blinding them with love”.

Graphics and System Requirements

The game doesn't look quite the original The Sims, with a lot more exaggeration in the characters, environments and everything else. MySims Racing has a cartoony art style, and you'll quickly get to love the bobble-headed characters that represent your racers. Speaking of them, the game follows up on The Sims' tradition of high character customization, letting you create a unique-looking Sim racer with ease, choosing from all sorts of accessories and basic attributes.

We'd definitely like the game's visuals even better if it offered some more variety in its track environments though – right now they're rather limited and not very different from each other, offering a repetitive experience more or less every time you go up against your opponents.


Make sure you give the game a try against your friends – even though the AI is good, these games are just meant to be played with other people, preferably farther apart than elbow distance of each other, as you'll feel inclined to do something to your friend on many occasions.


MySims Racing is a good answer to Mario Kart (if it ever was intended to be one), and definitely a fantastic addition to The Sims franchise. We just wish they'd bring it to some other platforms too!