Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

July 14, 2022

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Sacred came out quite a while ago, and was generally very well-received by the gaming community for breathing some new life into the (at that time) rather monotonous RPG genre. The sequel, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel takes the same formula and adds several new elements to it, further solidifying the game's uniqueness and making it an even more memorable title in today's market.


The game is an action-oriented RPG, in which you start with a character customized to your liking, and develop him/her, training new skills and finding better items as the game progresses. You can pick from a total of six classes, including a High Elf, a Dryad (which is basically this game's wizard), and the Shadow Warrior who represents the undead side in the conflict underlying in the game's plot.

Apart from your main character, you'll also get the chance to own a “mount”, a creature you can ride for maneuvering better around the game's world as well as gaining the upper hand in combat. Each class comes with its own unique mount, for example the Shadow Warrior rides on a Hellhound.

The game's world is huge, and according to the developers it spans on a territory of around 22 square miles. There are lots of areas for exploration, and rest assured that those of you who look harder are going to be rewarded for their efforts, as there's always plenty of loot hidden around the maps of the game. There is also a tremendous number of quests you can take – apart from the 100+ ones which are tied to the main storyline, there are over five hundred additional ones if you want to get the full experience from the game.

Graphics and System Requirements

The game's art style has been revisited. Even though the camera still looks over the world from an isometric perspective, there's an actual 3D system powering the rendering engine now, meaning that everything is drawn with a correct perspective and proportions, and not in a skewed way (which is common for almost every isometric game out there). Everything about the art style displays a lot of effort put into creating the game, too.

Despite the great visuals, Sacred 2 won't take much of a computer to run smoothly – if you've got a 2.4 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and a Radeon X800 you should be just fine. Also, the optimization work done for this game is amazing – despite the world being so huge, you'll barely feel the loading times as you move from area to area – the game loads everything in a flash, it's really impressive.


If you want, you can take advantage of the way the game's single player is tied to its online play – if you have a single player game in progress and join a multiplayer one, returning to your single player game will grant you everything you've earned while playing online – you can use this for some easier access to some of the rarer items and resources.


Sacred is shaping up to be one fantastic RPG franchise (keeping in mind that a third game has been announced), and this installment is a game which should be an example to RPG developers nowadays!