Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

July 4, 2022

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a shooter title centered around one of the undoubtedly most popular roles on the battlefield, that of a sniper. Coming from a relatively unknown developer, the game doesn't really offer a lot in terms of innovation, but on the other hand its developers have used the pre-existing elements of shooter games just perfectly, and the final combination is an explosive game with plenty of replay value.


As the title suggests, the majority of the game revolves around long-distance combat and precision elimination. The story is set in the fictional nation of Isla Trueno, troubled by a harsh dictator who's in control of the entire land thanks to a military takeover. The player's character is part of a team tasked with taking down the oppressive regime and helping the people restore their country.

It would've been a rather boring game if all you ever did was take down enemies through a scope though, so the developers have ensured that you'll spend some time engaging in close combat as well. There are two supporting characters who accompany the game's primary protagonist on his missions, a local rebel from the country and a Delta Force operative – and the player will take control of either of them in some special situations where a more direct approach is required. Still, the focus is on the sniping gameplay, and in that regard the game is excellent, with lots of variety despite the fact that you're using the same type of gun for the duration of the game.

Graphics and System Requirements

Sniper: Ghost Warrior uses the Chrome engine, which you may have already seen in Call of Juarez. Even though it doesn't really stand up to the standards of some more advanced solutions like the Unreal Engine 3, it still offers some respectable visuals. The game is set in a mostly natural environment, so you'll get to enjoy plenty of lush scenery as you move around the rainforests, making your way to the next nifty camping spot to pick off your enemies from.

The engine is very reasonable in terms of system requirements, and it doesn't take a very powerful machine to handle the game smoothly – a Dual Core processor with 1 GB RAM and a GeForce6800 should be more or less enough to run Sniper: Ghost Warrior with a constantly high framerate.


One piece of advice we can give you about this game is to stay patient. Playing with the sniper can be a bit more challenging to your patience than the other two characters, as you'll have to remain stationary for prolonged periods of time, waiting for that perfect clear shot. This makes the game a somewhat dull and uninteresting experience for some, but if you generally enjoy stealth shooters (which traditionally involve lots of waiting around), you shouldn't have a problem with this style of gameplay.


A game with a unique premise and interesting gameplay, Sniper: Ghost Warrior may not be suitable for everyone's taste, but it's a refreshing experience in the least.