Super Street Fighter IV Review

June 22, 2022

Super Street Fighter IV Review

Some franchises simply refuse to die – take Street Fighter for example. It's surely one of the longest-running series in the entire video game industry, and curiously enough, the quality of the new games coming out with its name isn't decreasing as some would expect – in fact, the newest Street Fighter, Super Street Fighter IV, manages to improve a lot of the game's elements, making it one of the best fighter titles to date.


The game is an improved version of Street Fighter IV, so the basic premise of the gameplay remains the same – which is more or less similar to that of the series as a whole. There are several new characters for you to play with, and all of them are made available straight from the beginning of the game. Some of the characters are returning from previous games in the series, and all of the old characters have been given an extra set of clothes to refresh them a little bit.

Some of the game modes from the previous games have been removed, while there have been some new additions in that department as well – you can now play in a Team Battle mode, where you can build a team of up to 8 fighters. Additionally, you can play a new Endless Battle mode, where you keep getting new enemies in a constant stream, until you get defeated. There's now the option of saving your replays and distributing them online, which has played out very well among the game's fans, and there are entire sites dedicated to collecting and discussing replays – so if you ever go through one of those truly epic battles, you now have the replay to back up your word for it!

Graphics and System Requirements

Super Street Fighter IV looks very well, and is a noticeable improvement over the original SF4. All of the characters have been redone, and as we mentioned above, every original character gets a new uniform to give them a new look. The new characters look in line with the game's art style, and they all have unique moves and a distinct combat style – as opposed to other games in the genre, where all the characters share the same animations, this is just great.

The game runs somewhat slower on the Xbox 360 than it does on the PS3, for some reason, though this can probably be attributed to the Xbox 360′s aging hardware (at least when compared to what the PS3 offers). Still, the slowdowns are only really noticeable in the more eye candy-filled parts of the menus, while the actual gameplay remains smooth and enjoyable.


You can get access to some of the new characters' classic costumes in the original SF4 by purchasing them as DLC packs from your respective content provider (depending which console you're playing on) – but if you're going to do that, you might as well just buy the Super version of the game, as it will offer you a lot more content for your money.


Super Street Fighter IV revives the good old SF4 with lots of improvements and returns it to the top of the competitive fighting games charts.