Trine Review

May 9, 2022

Trine Review

Trine is a very unique game – at least in today's terms – which manages to revive the classic formula of “The Lost Vikings”, utilizing it in a fresh way with rich environments and lovable characters. And even though the game doesn't really offer anything new to the platformer genre, it still has quite the addictive qualities and will keep you going through its levels for hours on end – especially if you're not playing alone.


As we mentioned above, the older gamers among you who're familiar with the classic title “The Lost Vikings” may find Trine's gameplay very familiar. You control three characters from a side-view perspective, and each of them comes with their own unique skills and abilities – you've got the Thief who can use a bow to pick off enemies from a distance, as well as a grappling hook to maneuver around more efficiently; the Knight who's the team's “brute force” player, using a sword and shield to cut through the enemy hordes, as well as being capable of throwing objects around the levels, creating and/or clearing paths for the team. Last but not least, there's the Wizard who has the crucial ability to summon new items using his magic, a skill which you'll find very important for solving many puzzles.

The puzzles range from easy to quite challenging, and you'll be presented with some difficult ones right from the start of the game, so be prepared for something tougher than your standard platformer experience. You control the characters separately, which is a point many players seem to have trouble adjusting to initially – remember that even though you can't control every character at every moment, you can at least ensure they're positioned appropriately to help the rest of the team.

Graphics and System Requirements

Trine will remain in your memory for a long time after you've played it, not just because of its interesting gameplay, but also its rich and colorful art style. The characters have been designed in an adorable manner, and the same goes even for some of your enemies, strangely enough.

The levels never get boring as each comes with its unique theme, and you'll explore all sorts of locations on your way to completing the game. Last but not least, even though the game is played only in a 2D perspective, it's still powered by a respectable 3D engine, so you'll get plenty of eye candy.

If you're playing it on the PC, you'll need a moderately good computer to handle the game properly. That includes at least a 2.0 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and a GeForce6800 (or Radeon X800 for ATi) users. There's no online play, so if you're planning on playing with your friends, make sure you've got an extra gamepad (same goes for you, PC users).


There are a few points in the game where it may seem like you're stuck due to a bug, as the levels present you with a seemingly impossible situation. Don't be quick to rush to the walkthrough in this case – we'd advise you to just think about it for a second, and you'll surely come up with a solution.


Trine is a sweet and memorable experience, and worth every cent of its price, even if just for the amount of work put into it.