WET Review

April 28, 2022

WET Review

Ever wanted to see Kill Bill turned into a video game? Well, even though there isn't an official one with the KB brand, WET is as close as it gets, and trust us, after just a few minutes in this game, you're going to forget every other action you've recently touched and the chances of you becoming addicted to WET are quite high. You've been warned!


The player takes the role of Rubi, a woman with near-superhuman agility who packs two pistols and a sword, and whatever else is at hand for disposing of the huge waves of enemies thrown at her. We mentioned Tarantino's Kill Bill above for a very good reason – the amount of gore in this game is tremendous. We're not talking about a few corpses lingering here and there with open wounds on them – your screen will be drowning in blood just as soon as you've entered your first (and more basic) fight.

Controlling Rubi is very easy and intuitive, and you can use both her weapons simultaneously – as you're aiming one, the game automatically locks your secondary crosshair on a close enemy, allowing you to fire at different targets at once. Using your sword opens up the way to the most amazing acrobatic stunts you'll see in an action game for quite a while – you can jump around like crazy, bouncing off walls and even enemies, sliding on your knees, spinning around and generally delivering justice in extremely brutal ways. Being a girl, you can also use your powers of seduction to confuse your enemies for a few seconds – which, in most cases, is more than enough to deliver your final volley of attacks and finish them off.

Graphics and System Requirements

When it comes to WET's graphics, we're a bit split. Sure, the game lives up to your expectations of the bloody, gory fest you're probably imagining upon hearing Kill Bill – but even the copious amounts of blood and limbs can't hide the otherwise dated engine used for the game. The graphics are of a bit poor quality in places, especially when it comes to the resolution of textures – and let's face it, as pretty as the heroine is, the style she was designed in is kind of… off. It goes for the general art style of the game, too – some environments clash with each other far too much to be believable, and despite the tremendous work put into animating the characters, combat can still feel slightly clumsy and stiff at some points.

At least there weren't any technical issues – the game runs equally smoothly on both platforms, and the experience is more or less the same regardless which console you choose to play it on. You may notice some slightly longer loading times with the Xbox 360, but nothing that takes away from the gameplay experience for sure.


A notable aspect about WET is its music – it's very dynamic and perfectly fits pretty much every situation it's used in, and the composer deserves special praise for his work on this title. It's curious how the video game industry has spawned some of the most creative composers of today.


WET is the perfect experience for lovers of over-the-top gore and action, and a must-play for any fan of action games in general.